A Scandinavian Inspired Wallpaper for Instant Style


If you love wallpaper but find the choice out there a bit overwhelming, we’ve got just the wallpaper for you. This Scandinavian inspired grid wallpaper is minimal yet makes a huge statement. The wallpaper is great for any room in your home but we especially love it for kids spaces. There’s a certain school book vibe to it making it playful yet sophisticated.

A simple grid wallpaper lends itself to being mixed with the brightest of colours or if you’re not in to colour, it works just as well in a monochrome or neutral toned space. The wallpaper also feels right at home with vintage decor or ultra modern decor. With this wallpaper, no colours, no styles, no decor is off limits.  You can style it exactly as you wish.  You just can’t go wrong with this wallpaper so what’s not to love?

grid-wallpaper-2Here we have the grid wallpaper paired with a vintage metal cot. The old cot looks great against the modern square print and the soft colours really make the wallpaper stand out.

grid-wallpaper-4This is a toned down version of the same grid pattern. Instead of black, we’ve got a soft gray that works so well with modern decor in pastel tones and natural wood.

grid-wallpaper-6Here the wallpaper has been used sparingly, more like a feature wall. Mixed in with lots of white and black, it looks striking. The most striking bit though, is how much that one simple piece of art stands out against this wallpaper.

grid-wallpaper-5Here is another example of the grid wallpaper being used as a feature wall. This time it’s very dark blue checks. The colourful touches in this room and all the white, stand out more because of the backdrop of this wallpaper.

grid-wallpaper-3This last one is a retro inspired kids room with the brightest blues and yellows. The colours and style pair so well with the simple grid wallpaper. As you can see, absolutely no colour is off limits with this striking wallpaper.

Have you fallen for this wallpaper yet?



M I C H E L L E  A N N  D E S I G N S

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